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MSP Starcoins and Diamonds – Tips

Have you ever wondered how some players have got such incredibly fast game progress? Perhaps they spend a lot of time in playing or… they have the right tool that can alter the game somehow. We decided to create a kind of facilitation for the people, who wish to get the advantage in MSP. Our tool is not complicated and it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. What’s more, you don’t even have to download or install it on your PC or mobile phone. You can use it online thanks to our servers. The only thing you need is an active Internet access.

Benefits of using the program:

Here are the most important benefits of the application that are worth mentioning.

– It is very easy in use,
– It doesn’t require downloading/installing,
– It has been tested for viruses and other threats,
– You have full technical support from the producer by using this application.

There are however several disadvantages. We strongly believe that they won’t be causing you many problems. Like any other tool of this type, the tool has got several flaws:

– The tool generates only limited number of Starcoins and Diamonds.
– One user can use the application once a day (24h).
– The generator requires your username.

The screen that depicts how the application looks like.

We present screenshots from the program interface. In case of any questions, contact with our service department.

What else should you know about our tool?

You don’t have to be afraid of your actions being discovered while using our tool. Most of available applications of this kind requires downloading and installing them on hard drive. Here, you don’t have to do that. Now, everything is available online within several minutes. Our software requires stable Internet access. All you need to do is launch script, fill in required number of Starcoins, Diamonds, as well as VIP. The application can be used by any person all over the world.

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  2. galaxyxys says:

    Thanks, I received a vip account, now I am waiting for starcoins

  3. derif44 says:

    GREAT !!

  4. Vipoo says:

    I need VIP and
    Star coines: 180000


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